Enchanting Romances, Clever and Sweet

The Whitehall Romances

A Girl Called Foote ~ Book One

A mischievous heir is suddenly smitten. His beloved is clever and pretty. But alas…she is also his maid!

A Governess of Sorts ~ Book Two

Though the mysterious governess entrusts him with her secrets, his love for her is still forbidden.

Such Vexing Creatures ~ Book Three

They have loved each other since they were practically children, but now her silly little joke might break both of their hearts!

Embark on a Romantic Journey

Welcome to the grand estate of Whitehall in Bevelshire, England where those who fall in love, do not necessarily mean to do so. In every book, meet characters who feel like old friends. Immerse yourself in their love stories, enjoying every twist and turn.

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years of weaving heartfelt historical fiction.

3 Novels

…with more on the way


readers transported by loveʼs tales set in 19th century England.

~ Praise for the Whitehall Romances ~

“…clever and witty, with a polish that is unusual in self-published works. The characters inspire empathy, the romance feels pure and true, and the story itself is perfectly paced.”
“Filled with wonderfully depicted scenes, believable, perfectly written characters, and a plot that draws you deeper and deeper into their lives, I was invested from the very beginning.”
“A.E. Walnofer’s storytelling fashion makes this story flow and draws the reader in. I was impressed, as always, with the author’s in-depth research and wholeheartedly recommend this clean Victorian Romance.”